Bayelsa Govt Warns Oil Communities Against Shutting Oil Production

Bayelsa Govt Warns Oil Communities Against Shutting Oil Production

The Bayelsa State government on Friday warned oil bearing  communities in the state to desist from disrupting the operations of  oil firms saying that it was an invitation to anarchy.

The government noted that such acts were capable of tarnishing the  reputation of the state and sending wrong signals to international  investors.

This warning was issued the Special Adviser to the governor on Oil and  Gas, Felix Bonny Ayah in a statement in Yenagoa on Friday.

Ayah who  frowned at the incessant closures of operations of multinational oil  firms by aggrieved communities said, government will no longer  tolerate such negative attitudes from oil communities.

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He noted that the state government heavily relies on oil revenue  it gets monthly to finance its developmental projects and hence any  disruption negatively affects the economic fortunes of the state.

He explained that, since the activities of the government is  anchored on transparency, love and development, it behooves on all  Bayelsa people to close ranks to preserve the existing peace in the  state.

According to him,disrupting oil production is counter-productive  and may lead to a total breakdown of law and order in the state,  warning that the primary essence of government is to maintain security  for citizens.

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He advised Bayelsa people to always toe the path of peace by  channeling their grievances to the appropriate government quarters for  attention.

Ayah further reiterated his  call on multinationals to  live up to their social responsibilities to host communities,  stressing that no meaningful development can thrived in an atmosphere  of rancour and acrimony.